Hivemind mission is to facilitate and accelerate the creation of value in Web 3.0. To find those capable of
starting epidemics and support them in disrupting the stifling structures of legacy financial systems. Eschewing the traditional silos of yesterday’s VC capital in favor of an open network of value with multiple profit centers, harnessing the power of collective intelligence — the HiveMind.


We make strategic seed phase investments in both cryptocurrency and equity space for disruptive technologies. We look for passionate teams with creative ideas and enough skills to put them into practice. Our skilled analysts and industry experts asses the team and project potential thoroughly in order for us to fully commit. In turn, we provide a helping hand on every step of the journey. We do not chase hype.


We have spent years ‘in the trenches’ of the cryptocurrency and equity investment space.

This grass roots experience has given us a wealth of first-hand knowledge and a unique perspective on investing.

To date we have invested over $5m in early stage projects.


We’ve collected a powerful extended family of projects, groups, funds and influencers. We believe in the power of collective intelligence and gathered a powerful blend of talents. We are  programmers, developers, marketers, filmmakers, researchers, analysts and traders. It’s this eclecticism that makes us who we are.


We know the space. We understand this space. We love this space. 

“There are exceptional people out there who are capable of starting epidemics. All you have to do is find them.”

Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference.

Besides financial help and promotion via our fund and partners, we can help with the following expertise:
Capital & Fundraising

Provide financial support to kick-start your project. Potentially provide follow-up funding if criteria is met.

Business Development

Access to connections from our members of the fund with over 30 000 members and subscribers. 

Marketing Support

Two of our key members are an award-winning filmmakers who have a high engagement reach, 

Community Engagement

Multiple members of our team have had extensive experience in managing telegram and discord groups. 

Analysis and Research

Our key member is a PhD expert data analyst who can help with presentation, market research and analysis.

Fundraising Partnership

Interested in getting access to our fundraising platform for financial support? Get in touch for more details.

Investment Collaboration

Are you a venture capitalist or simply looking for new investment possibilities? We can share or pool our resources.

Marketing Collaboration

Are you a influencer, website owner or do you have a community with a good reach? We could work together. Feel free to contact us!

A Glimpse of Our Investments and Partners

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